Kantale, Sep 7 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Refugees among Refugees

People of Thoppor are displaced due to the escalated violence, on August 4th 2006. They are staying in a road side welfare camp in Perathuveli, Kantale. There are 155 families (800 persons) living here on a road side welfare camp, next to a railway track. It's known as railway track welfare camp.

They face a lot of hardships such as over crowded welfare camps, no proper place to stay when raining, no schooling for their children, no jobs for the males. Some males go to their home towns daily to work and earn. They return to their respective welfare camps in the nights, because they do not feel safe in their home towns to stay overnight. It's a long journey.

The farmers have to go to their fields to harvest paddy, but due to fear, they do not go. Paddy go wasted in the fields.